Church & Christian History

Church history

By the abundant grace of God we started Sunday worship in Thalassery with one pastor and family on 2 nd June 2003.Then the church grew. God helped us to start  Sunday school,  C.A,  W.M.C,  Chain prayer,  Hospital visiting and Charity work. Thank you Lord for all your grace that you showered up on us.

Christian History

Thalassery has a very proud history of Christianity when compared to the other Indian towns. Every part of the city was influenced by Christian missionaries. The great Christian missionary Dr. Hermon Gundart with his activities centering in Thalassery town influenced the whole Kerala . He started printing and publishing Bible. He launched the first news paper in Kerala and published 24 books. Gundart dictionary and a famous grammar book are some of his other contributions. Edwad Brennen lived in Thalassery. The first English church and first English school started by the will of Brennen. Bazal Mission Missionaries built Gundart memorial church Illikkunnu. Famous educational institutions such as NTTF, BEMP School, Brennen school, Brennen College are established by him.He also started a weaving mill and many other institution for the service of humanity .These institutions still praise the glory of its creator with its high reputation.

Heritage of Thalassery

Centenary park, Sea view park, Overberies Folly, Muzhappilangad Beach, Thalassery Municipal Stadium, Cricket Stadium, Childrens Park etc. are some of the heritage centers of Thalassery.

History of circus, cake and cricket are also very interesting. Circus is a well known art in India. Keeleri Kunjhikannan is the Father of Indian Circus. He was influenced by Christianity and converted to it. He was buried at CSI cemetery Illikkunnu, Thalassery. Today, cricket is a very popular game in india. The first cricket team in India was formed in Thalassery. It had both native and foreign players.The first Football club also was formed in Thalassery in 1860.

The still retaining Forign names to many of Thalasserys educational and cultural centeres remind us of the rich foreign influence it once had. Gundart Church, Gundart School, Gundart Park , Gundart Road [NH-17], Gundart Benglow, Brennen School,Brennen College,Brennen B.Ed Centre, Brennen Reserch Centre, Hollow way Road, Over-Beries Folly, Logans Road etc. are some of them.

As a children of God from Thalassery we thank God for the Missionaries that the Lord had sent to this place.

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